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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Holterdipolter, Dec 24, 2021.

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    Dec 24, 2021
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    Hi friends

    I am a greenhorn in this forum, but I was luckily busiyng myself with music recording/reproduction and audio electronics for almost my whole life - not only in my leisure time but also professionally.

    My 4.0-channel AV system was quite large until some years ago - Studer/JVC/Panasonic/Sony DAT recorders, Studer and Yamaha FM tuners, Studer and Revox cassette recorders, yadda-yadda-yadda. I hat to shrink it somewhat; for the time being it only consists of an old HP laptop running Linux, a Sony BD player, a Technisat DAB/FM tuner, a Yamaha DSP-A5 amp and a pair of Studer A2 active speakers.

    My office system is mostly used for archiving and transfer purposes and consists of a Revox B710 MkII cassette recorder, a Sony DTC-ZE700 DAT recorder, an Audio Linear TD-4001 record player with SME 3009-III, Shure V15-V and a little Behringer Phono-Pre, as well as an old Technics SU-A40 control amp that needs a bit of TLC. I have a pair of Philips RH585 MFB speakers patiently waiting for new capacitors that should be included in this system; currently I use small Yamaha YST-M7 speakers (with surprisingly nice sound at low listening levels), and several different AKG, Beyer, Jecklin, Revox and Sennheiser headphones.

    In the basement, a Studer A812 TC, a Studer A710 and a Revox G36 tape recorders are waiting for better days, together with a bunch of other devices and loudspeakers.

    When you have got that much electronics in your home, there is always something to be repaired, upgraded or modified...

    Kind regards
    Holterdipolter, Dec 24, 2021
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