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    stuck between the sE Geminiand the SE Z5600a [​IMG] . The gemini always seems to be compared to more vintage sounding mics and the Z5600 seems to be compared to mics like the U87 ai.I do record a mountain load of rap vocals so ideally I'm looking for a mic that can deliver a clean cut pristine sound apposed to a loosley controlled stereo madness.. I'd like to imagine that both mics can deliver really tonal vocals but still no clear direction on wich one is really best between the 2. I've been using a SE2200A for years and love SE's equipment so I now want to try their most Professional hardware out.

    Most people I see use the Gemini are solo indie singers/choirs ect where as the people who use the z5600 seem to differ between rappers and a range of other genre [​IMG] .

    my minds telling me the z5600 has a more narrow sound than the Gemini for rap vocals but my heart tells me to take a risk and go for the Gemini because hey... look at it. . Its very clear that the Gemini is more of a rare microphone as well, not a lot of people really know about it so finding videos and samples of it for rappers is next to impossible wich is something that makes it more of a risk when diving into buy a £1000 microphone over a £500 one that I know would do a good job. The main question is what one would be best in the end.

    It also crossed my mind that the Z5600 would be easier and cheaper to upgrade valves. The Gemini uses 2 different valve tubes, I noticed when researching upgrades that finding 2 tubes that would match in visual would be pretty hard [​IMG]... a massive issue when you're someone who has OCD like myself (believe me)

    any help from anybody who\s had experience with any of these mics would be great.
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    SHXDOHTEAM, Jan 9, 2019
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